Women in the Collision Industry…Meet Linda Krischke

When you think of the collision industry, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Cars?Technicians? Men?

Many incorrectly assume that this is a man’s game but that just isn’t the case anymore. More and more, women are finding they too can have careers within this industry and Service King is helping to pioneer that route for them.

Meet Linda Krischke.






Linda, what’s your position here at Service King? “Lead office coordinator for North Lamar.”

And how many years of service with Service King? “I’ve been with Service King (B&B) for one year.”

How long have you been in the industry? “I was new to the industry at that time.”

Describe your job for those who don’t know what a Lead Office Coordinator does. “I have a fun and exciting job. It is very fast paced and customer interactive. I find it rewarding in that we are able to help make a difficult and upsetting situation seem friendly and trouble free. To watch a vehicle come in all crunched up and see it leave in perfect condition is like watching magic happen. Some of my duties include answering phones, setting up appointments, checking in customers and their vehicles, accounts receivables, posting payments and daily deposits. I also copy, scan and send invoices to the corporate office. I help to reconcile petty cash and assist my location manager. I organize our monthly shop lunches pay out invoices. I deliver newly repaired vehicles back to their happy owners..”

What made you decide to pursue a career in the collision industry? “I got into this industry purely by chance. I have a family member who has been in this industry for over 20 years. I was a stay at home mom who ran a plumbing company from an in home office and when the divorce happened, I found myself in a dead end job, overworked and underpaid. I desperately needed a career in which I could fully support myself and my children. I have found that here at Service King Collision Repair Centers. I am thankful that someone here at Service King gave me the opportunity to do something more with my life.”

What kind of training or schooling did you have to have to accomplish for your position? “My training and experience have come from years of customer service. I was co-owner of a plumbing company and solely ran the in-home office. I have been in management training courses for two other companies that I’ve worked for over the years and am looking forward to a long and rewarding career with Service King.”

Would you recommend this job to other women? “I would recommend this job to other women and men alike.”

What are your future goals within the collision industry? “My goals here at Service King are still not clear to me. The opportunities are endless.  I would like to someday be in a training position, perhaps training our future office coordinators. I can see myself going places in this company. Places that just a year ago, I never knew existed.”

Do you have a family? How do you juggle being a woman within this industry and having a family? “I am a single mom of two wonderfully smart and funny kids. They both play sports and I am their biggest fan! It is sometimes difficult to juggle all that I do but I am grateful and thankful that I have a wonderful support system of friends in our community.”

Can you describe yourself in one word? “In one word, I would describe myself as blessed.”

Thank you to Linda for giving us a sneak peek into what it’s like being a woman in the collision industry. It may not have been the smoothest transition but you were gutsy and brilliant and worked yourself up a ladder where others were crowding the rungs. Congratulations and we’re so happy you’re a part of our team!

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