Women in the Collision Industry…Meet Tracey Hawkins

Collision Repair Pearland Texas – Tracey Hawkins

When you think of the collision industry, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Cars?Technicians? Men?

Many incorrectly assume that this is a man’s game but that just isn’t the case anymore. More and more, women are finding they too can have careers within this industry and Service King is helping to pioneer that route for them.

This week we’ll be posting a blog a day featuring many of the women within Service King and the amazing jobs they do to help make this company what it is.

Service King's Women in Collision IndustryMeet Tracey Hawkins.



Tracey, what’s your position here at Service King? “I am the Location Manager at Service King #57 in Pearland Texas.”

And how many years of service with Service King? “I have worked for Service King for just over a year.”

How long have you been in the industry? “I have worked in the Collision Repair industry for 20 years.”

Describe your job for those who don’t know what a Location Manager is. “I manage a shop that has 28 employees and runs a half a million dollars in sales each month.”

What made you decide to pursue a career in the collision industry? “I didn’t pursue a career in the Collision industry.  It was done out of necessity.  When I was 22, I did Payroll for a Chevrolet dealership.  I was recently divorced, had a 1 year old son and lots of bills I couldn’t pay. Our Body Shop Manager offered to train me to become an Estimator. He persuaded me with the promises of doubling my income in a year and providing a better life for my son. I agreed and began learning to handwrite collision repair estimates.  At the time I was one of very few female Estimators in the Houston area.”

What kind of training or schooling did you have to have to accomplish for your position? “As far as training, most has been hands on.  There are classes you can take to become an Estimator, but without the hands on experience you won’t be as successful.”

Would you recommend this job to other women? “I would definitely recommend the Collision industry to women.  Women are naturally more organized, compassionate and caring.  All traits that make for an excellent Estimator and Manager. In our industry we don’t just repair vehicles, we offer confidence, guidance, and reassurance to our customers so they can get back to where they were before their accident.”

Was it difficult for you to get your foot in the door? “It’s very hard to get a start in this industry as an Estimator and even more so as a Manager of a Collision Center.  I was very lucky to know a person who saw potential in me and was willing to train me.”

What are your future goals within the collision industry? “I would like to eventually take all that I have learned and help other shops become successful.  I would also like to start a training program within my shop for all facets of the collision industry.”

Do you have a family? How do you juggle being a woman within this industry and having a family? “Yes, I do have a family.  Currently it is much easier to juggle family and my career because my son is 21 and in college.  This allows me to devote more of my time to my career.”

Can you describe yourself in one word? “Tenacious would be a good word to describe me.”

Thank you to, Tracey, for giving us a sneak peek into what it’s like being a woman in the collision industry. It may not have been the smoothest transition but you were gutsy and brilliant and worked yourself up a ladder where others were crowding the rungs. Congratulations and we’re so happy you’re a part of our team!

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